Bonsai Pots

bonsai pots

How to Create Appeal with Bonsai Pots

Every bonsai can be said to be enchanting as they have a special attraction. What adds to this attraction is the bonsai pot that the bonsai tree sits in.  Bonsai pots can either enhance or diminish the bonsai unless chosen wisely.

Bonsai pots are special containers that are required to cultivate the bonsai.  It is these special bonsai pots that allow the art of bonsai to come alive. Bonsai trees are ordinary trees, however when kept in special pots and pruned and trained correctly they do not grow to their normal shape and size.  Bonsai pots confine or limit the tree’s growth and at the same time allow the right amount of moisture for the tree.  A key element in Bonsai care is that the bonsai pot must contain the correct level of moisture, as the trees must not have water logged soil. To have a perfect bonsai there has to be a perfect balance within the bonsai pot.

All bonsai pots have a great appeal to them; however they should suit the tree they are housing and should be artistically and visually satisfying.

When training a bonsai tree it is best to use plastic pots, however once the plant has matured to a particular size and age it can be transferred to a pot made of wood, terra cotta, or stoneware.  To maintain the beauty of the tree it is important to have the most ideal conditions – the first and foremost is the material of the pot.  It is said that the best material to house bonsai is stoneware. The colour of the bonsai pots is a close second to bring out the natural beauty of the tree – brown is said to be the best choice as it brings out the natural beauty of the tree, followed by pale yellow and off white (These are dependent on the colour of leaves).  Glazed pots are often said to be the best for displaying bonsai but can be more expensive than unglazed, however the end result are worth it.

bonsai pots

Experts believe that bonsai trees that are housed in appropriate pots are works of art. As bonsai pots come in all different shapes, sizes and materials as you can imagine not every pot is suitable for every bonsai.  The correct bonsai pot should be chosen based on the dimensions of the tree.  There are experts that provide detailed formulas to assist in choosing the correct bonsai pot based on these dimensions. When choosing a pot you should consult these directions.


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